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5 Methods Professional Carpet Cleaners in Boulder Use

One of the most delicate and complicated things to be cleaned is the carpets in your home in Boulder Colorado. It needs to be taken care of by professionals. In 1st Choice Carpet and Air Duct of Boulder, we make a point of making that clear to our customers.

For your reference, we’ve compiled on this blog post the top five methods professional carpet cleaners use for cleaning carpets. We are a top Boulder Colorado carpet cleaning company & we are here to make sure your carpets stay fresh and clean.

Carpet shampooing

Shampooing was a very popular choice by professional carpet cleaners until the 70’s. It effectively gets rid of dirt, but is also time-consuming. It’s also known to leave behind shampoo residues and involves huge amounts of time for drying. In some cases, the carpets were left with undesired smell. The carpet fibers were also left sticky, attracting bacteria and dirt.


This is one sophisticated carpet cleaning method which used synthetic cleaning detergents that were left to dry and crystallize into powder. This encapsulated the dirt and residues that are then vacuumed or simply brushed off when dried.

Encapsulation has replaced shampooing to become the most widely used among professional cleaners for being environment-friendly. Unlike its predecessor, this method may not require the use of water which made it an ideal method that left behind little mess. It also left very little chemical residue.

Despite its wide use, encapsulation has one huge disadvantage: it was not very effective at removing heavy and hard-to-reach dirt.

Dry cleaning

This method of carpet cleaning became more popular in the 80’s for its effectiveness and safety. It uses a compound chemical in the form of powder which is pushed by a rotating brush deep into the carpet’s fiber. Dry cleaning is more commonly used in commercial places like in hotels because it is done quickly.

Bonnet cleaning

This carpet cleaning method is a quick fix for carpets installed on busy locations. It only cleans the surface of the carpet using a specialized machine with a rotating pad soaked in a cleaning agent. It quickly gets rid and absorbs dust and dirt from the carpet. Bonnet cleaning uses very little moisture, allowing the carpet to dry very quickly, which is why it’s most ideal for offices and hotels.


Hot water extraction

This is one of the most widely used and most highly recommended methods for cleaning carpets. Hot water extraction, also called as steam cleaning, uses hot water that comes out of a high pressure device to agitate the fibers of the carpet. It effectively dissolves and removes dirt even in hard-to-reach areas. A cleaning agent is also applied on the carpet surface which is agitated with a brush. It is left to settle deep into the carpet fibers and then rinsed thoroughly.


At 1st Choice, we use only the most effective and safest cleaning methods for every type of carpet, whether installed at home or at an office.

For your carpet cleaning needs in Boulder, Colorado, call 1st Choice Carpet and Air Duct today at 720-971-1102, or fill out our contact us form.

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