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How to Efficiently Clean your Carpet by Yourself

Cleaning your carpet might seem like a lot of work at first. However, with a few simple techniques and a little patience, you can have the carpet that you love back in no time. 1st Choice carpet cleaning company in Denver provides assistance with those who need help cleaning their carpets properly at home or office locations all throughout Denver Metro area.

Before we show you a few effective steps to clean your carpet, we need to determine what kind of fabric the carpet consists of. These generally consist of low-pile and plush carpets.

Low-pile carpets are ideal for high traffic areas in your home and they definitely need more work and patience to clean. Compared to plush, fluffy carpets which are more resistant to stains than low-pile carpets.

Here is the process to have your fabulous carpet clean and smelling good again:

Carpet Fluffing Techniques

Furniture, due to its size and weight, often leaves dents and marks on the carpet. An effective way to remove this is to place ice cubes into the dents. When the water has completely dissolved into the carpet, use a towel to remove any excess moisture. After any excess water is extracted, set your iron on the cotton setting and pass it through the dents. Allow the carpet to air dry and use your hands to fluff up the fibers.

Make Your Own Deodorizer

You love your carpet, but you want to get rid of the smell?

You can make your own deodorizer by simple combining 20 drops of essential oil, such as lavender oil with baking soda in a glass container. After the mixture is thoroughly mixed, you can spray it onto the carpet and vacuum it. Your carpet will not only look clean, but it will also give a wonderful fragrance around the house.

Get Advice from Professionals

Although these simple techniques will make your carpet look good, in some cases they won’t be effective. Always consult a professional to avoid any damages and have it cleaned by experienced carpet cleaners.

Should you need any advice or want your carpet cleaned in the Denver area, contact us right now.

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